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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you should find answers to most questions regarding the Flypointyend service.

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Does book the fare on my behalf?

No, you will book the fare yourself - directly with the airline(s). I will show you how to book it.





Why don't you offer the service for Economy Class or premium Economy fares?

There is not enough money in it for me.



Isn’t Business Class the same on all airlines?

In the main, most long-haul airlines provide a fully lie flat seat. However some Low-Cost airlines like Scoot, Norwegian and Jetstar have a Business Class offering but in reality, they are more like a Premium Economy. Air Asia X provides a lie-flat Business Class seat, but there is not really any Business class Service.





What if I don't like the itinerary provided?

Then you do not have to pay. But the itinerary will be exactly as per your instructions, so you should consider that before potentially wasting my time.





If I Gift, can you still provide an Invoice?

No problem.



Do you deal in Frequent Flyer points or purchase Frequent Flyer miles?

Absolutely not.







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