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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you should find answers to most questions regarding the Flypointyend service.

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Does book the fare on my behalf?

No, you will book the fare yourself - directly with the airline(s). We'll show you how to book it.



How do you provide fares cheaper than everywhere else?

We don’t. The fares we find are available for anybody to find, but it takes some effort and skill to find them.



Can’t I just use a travel agent or an on-line travel agent like expedia to find these fares?

No, but you should use those resources so that you know approximately what that routing costs - and more importantly, how much money FlyPointyend has saved you. Flypointyend fare options are not restricted to particular airlines, and we are not afraid to mix fare classes or arlines if there is a significant financial upside.



Why don't you offer the service for Economy Class fares?

If the Economy fare is multi-stop and quite complex then sure, we'll do it. But ultimately we can save a client thousands on a Business class fare, but maybe just a few hundred on an Economy class fare.



Isn’t Business Class the same on all airlines?

In the main, most long-haul airlines provide a fully lie flat seat. However some Low-Cost airlines like Scoot and Jetstar have a Business Class offering but in reality, they are more like a Premium Economy. Air Asia X provides a lie-flat Business Class seat, but there is not really any Business class Service.



On some fares why must I re-check my bags?

Not all airlines have baggage interline agreements with eachother; but most do. So occasionally, if you want the cheaper fare you need to go through immigration, collect your luggage and then re-check your bags for your next flight.



What happens if I miss my connecting flight on a multi-sector trip?

Most Business Class fares have a generous "No-Show" clause whereby you can re-book your next flight at either no charge or a nominal fee. The No Show charges are highlighted on the itinerary. Obviously making any stopover(s) will remove the risk of a no-show. 



What if I don't like any of the itineraries provided?

Perhaps we misunderstood your instructions. Maybe give us feedback on what you preferred.



Do I have to pay/gift anything irrespective of whether I use the itinerary or not?

No, you are not obligated to gift. However, if you feel you benefited from the service then any gift would be really appreciated.



Why don't you just charge a fee for the service instead of this Gifting option?

Don't really know. we just liked the concept.



If I Gift, can you still provide an Invoice?

No problem.








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