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Essential on-line travel links and tools

Here is a selection of handy travel-related tools to make life on the road a little easier.


 XE Currency Converter

The best international currency converter.


Global Voltage and Power Plug Charts

Take the right adapters for the right country

Tipoa Car Rental

Tipoa has great on-line great support, and they cover all the main providers and (nearly) all of the obscure ones.



For those travelers that want the convenience of a cell or mobile phone without the expensive roaming charges, there is an affordable solution. 

Air Miles Calculator

This link allows you to calculate your Air Miles AND it also has a complete listing of Airport (IATA) and Airline Codes.

The World Clock

Don't wake up your wife at 3am.




World Weather

What's the weather like at your destination?

The site searches across all the other hotel booking sites.

Seat Guru

Pick the ideal seat for your flight

OAG Flight Tool

Gives you every possible airline between 2 city pairs - including codeshares and LCCs!



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