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Fifth Freedom Flights

There are 7 "Freedom of the Air" commercial aviation rights.

The fifth freedom allows an airline to carry revenue traffic between foreign countries as a part of services connecting the airline's own country. It is the right to carry passengers from one's own country to a second country, and from that country to a third country (and so on). 


Fifth Freedom flights are often heavily discounted and it is prudent to keep abreast of the current 5th Freedom routes.

Here is a list of some useful 5th Freedom sectors:

 **********Updated October 14, 2017)***********


From To 5th Freedom Airline
Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Dakar Kenya Airways
Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Accra Egypt Air
Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Accra Emirates
Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Accra South African Airways
Accra (Ghana) Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Egypt Air
Accra (Ghana) Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Emirates
Accra (Ghana) Abidjan (Ivory Coast) South African Airways
Accra (Ghana) Freetown Kenya Airways
Accra (Ghana) Monrovia Kenya Airways
Accra (Ghana) Monrovia Royal Air Maroc
Accra (Ghana) Washington DC South African Airways
Addis Ababa Djbouti Kenya Airways
Amsterdam Bangkok Eva Airways
Amsterdam Toronto Jet Airways
Antigua Tobago British Airways
Antigua Turks & Caicos British Airways
Antigua Saint Kitts British Airways
Apia Honolulu Fiji Airways
Athens New York (EWR)  Emirates
Auckland Brisbane China Airlines
Auckland Brisbane Emirates
Auckland Cairns Philippine Airlines
Auckland Gold Coast Air Asia X
Auckland Melbourne Emirates
Auckland Sydney LATAM Airlines Chile
Bahrain Kuwait KLM
Bahrain Dubai Cathay Pacific
Bangkok Amsterdam Eva Airways
Bangkok Beijing Ural Airlines
Bangkok Guangzhou Sri Lankan Airlines
Bangkok Guangzhou Kenya Airways
Bangkok Hanoi Qatar Airways
Bangkok Hong Kong Emirates
Bangkok Hong Kong Royal Jordanian Airlines
Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Royal Jordanian Airlines
Bangkok London LHR Eva Airways
Bangkok Mumbai Garuda
Bangkok Singapore Cathay Pacific
Bangkok Sydney Emirates
Bangkok Vienna Eva Airways
Bangkok DMK Osaka Scoot
Bangkok DMK Tokyo NRT Scoot
Bangui Entebbe Kenya Airways
Barcelona Vienna Air China
Beijing Bangkok Ural Airlines
Beijing Nagoya Etihad Airways
Beijing Tokyo NRT PIA
Brisbane Auckland China Airlines
Brisbane Auckland Emirates
Brisbane Denpasar Malindo Air
Brisbane Singapore Emirates
Buenos Aires EZE Montevideo Air France
Buenos Aires EZE Rio de Janeiro Emirates
Buenos Aires EZE Santiago Air Canada
Buenos Aires EZE Santiago KLM
Buenos Aires EZE Sao Paulo Turkish Airlines
Buenos Aires EZE Sao Paulo Qatar Airways
Cairns Auckland Philippine Airlines
Cape Town Livingstone Kenya Airways
Canberra Wellington Singapore Airlines
Colombo Bangkok Cathay Pacific
Colombo Male China Eastern
Colombo Male Korean Airlines
Colombo Male Emirates
Colombo Singapore Emirates
Dakar (Senegal) Washington DC South African Airways
Dakar (Senegal) Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Kenya Airways
Dammam Muscat KLM
Da Nang Siem Reap Silk Air
Delhi Rome China Airlines
Denpasar Brisbane Malindo Air
Denpasar Singapore KLM
Djibouti Addis Ababa Kenya Airways
Djibouti Mogadishu Turkish Airlines
Doha Bahrain PIA
Dubai Bahrain Cathay Pacific
Dubai London Royal Brunei Airlines
Dubai London Qantas
Dubai Muscat Swiss Air
Dublin Los Angeles Ethiopian Airlines
Entebbe Bangui Kenya Airways
Frankfurt Geneva Kuwait Airways
Frankfurt Madrid LAN Airlines
Frankfurt New York JFK Singapore Airlines
Freetown Accra Kenya Airways
Freetown Monrovia Brussels Airlines
Freetown Monrovia Kenya Airways
Gaborone Windhoek Ethiopian Airlines
Geneva Frankfurt Kuwait Airways
Gold Coast (Australia) Auckland Air Asia X
Grand Cayman Islands Nassau British Airways
Grenada Saint Lucia UCF British Airways
Guam Nagoya United Airlines
Guangzhou Bangkok Sri Lankan Airlines
Guangzhou Bangkok Kenya Airways
Hanoi Bangkok Qatar Airways
Hanoi Yangon Emirates
Harare Johannesburg British Airways
Harare Lusaka Emirates
Harare Lusaka Ethiopian Airlines
Harare Lusaka Kenya Airways
Ho Chi Minh City Bangkok Jet Airways
Ho Chi Minh City Phnom Penh Qatar Airways
Hong Kong Bangkok Emirates
Hong Kong Bangkok Royal Jordanian Airlines
Hong Kong Guam United Airlines
Hong Kong Jakarta China Airlines
Hong Kong Osaka Air India
Hong Kong San Francisco Singapore Airlines
Hong Kong Seoul Air India
Hong Kong Seoul Ethiopian Airlines
Hong Kong Seoul Thai Airways
Hong Kong Seoul United Airlines
Hong Kong Tokyo NRT Ethiopian Airlines
Honolulu Apia Fiji Airways
Honolulu Kiribati Fiji Airways
Honolulu Tokyo NRT China Airlines
Honolulu Tokyo NRT Korean Airlines
Houston Manchester Singapore Airlines
Jakarta Bangkok Egypt Air
Jakarta Hong Kong China Airlines
Jakarta Kuala Lumpur KLM
Jeddah Dubai Philippine Airlines
Johannesburg Harare British Airways
Johannesburg Livingstone British Airways
Johannesburg Maputo British Airways
Johannesburg Mauritius British Airways
Johannesburg Victoria Falls British Airways
Johannesburg Windhoek British Airways
Kaohsiung Osaka Scoot
Karachi Muscat Thai Airways
Kigali Entebbe Kenya Airways
Kiribati Honolulu Fiji Airways
Kuala Lumpur Bangkok Royal Jordanian Airlines
Kuala Lumpur Jakarta KLM
Kuwait Bahrain KLM
Kuwait Dammam KLM
Larnaca (Cyprus) Malta Emirates
Livingstone Cape Town Kenya Airways
From To 5th Freedom Airline
Lome (Togo) New York (EWR) Ethiopian Airlines
Lome  Sao Paulo (GRU) Ethiopian Airlines
London LHR Bangkok Eva Airways
London LHR Dubai Qantas
London LHR Dubai Royal Brunei Airlines
London LHR Los Angeles Air New Zealand
London LHR New York EWR Air India
Los Angeles Dublin Ethiopian Airlines
Los Angeles London LHR Air New Zealand
Los Angeles Paris Air Tahiti Nui
Los Angeles Rarotonga Air New Zealand
Los Angeles Tahiti Air France
Los Angeles Tokyo NRT Singapore Airlines
Los Angeles Seoul Singapore Airlines
Lusaka Harare Emirates
Lusaka Harare Ethiopian Airlines
Lusaka Harare Kenya Airways
Madrid Frankfurt  LAN Airlines
Male Colombo China Eastern
Male Colombo Emirates
Male Colombo Korean Airlines
Malta Larnaca (Cyprus) Emirates
Manchester Houston Singapore Airlines
Manchester New York JFK Pakistan International Airlines
Manila Guam United Airlines
Manila Koror United Airlines
Manila Tokyo NRT Delta
Melbourne Auckland Emirates
Melbourne Kuala Lumpur Emirates
Melbourne Singapore Emirates
Milan MXP New York JFK Emirates
Mogadishu Djibouti Turkish Airlines
Monrovia Accra Kenya Airways
Monrovia Accra Royal Air Maroc
Monrovia Freetown Kenya Airways
Moscow DME Stockholm ARN Singapore Airlines
Mumbai Bangkok Garuda
Munich Catania Air Malta
Muscat Dammam KLM
Muscat Dubai Swiss Air
Muscat Karachi Thai Airways
Nagoya Beijing Etihad Airways
Nagoya Guam United
Nagoya Taipei Cathay Pacific
Nassau Grand Cayman Islands British Airways
New York EWR Athens Emirates
New York EWR Lome (Togo) Ethiopian Airlines
New York EWR London LHR Air India
New York JFK Frankfurt Singapore Airlines
New York JFK Milan MXP Emirates
New York JFK Osaka China Airlines
New York JFK Vancouver Cathay Pacific
Norfolk Island Sydney Air New Zealand
Osaka Bangkok DMK Scoot
Osaka Guam Korean Airlines
Osaka Hong Kong Air India
Osaka Kaohsiung Scoot
Osaka New York JFK China Airlines
Osaka Taipei Cathay Pacific
Osaka Taipei Philippine Airlines
Phnom Penh Ho Chi Minh City Qatar Airways
Port of Spain Saint Lucia UCF British Airways
Rarotonga (Cook Is) Auckland Jetstar
Rarotonga (Cook Is) Auckland Virgin Australia
Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires EZE Emirates
Rome Delhi China Airlines
Saint Kitts Antigua British Airways
Saint Lucia UCF Grenada British Airways
Saint Lucia UCF Port of Spain British Airways
San Francisco Hong Kong Singapore Airlines
Santiago Buenos Aires EZE Air Canada
Santiago Buenos Aires EZE KLM
Sao Paulo Buenos Aires EZE Turkish Airlines
Sao Paulo Buenos Aires EZE Qatar Airways
Sao Paulo Lome Ethiopian Airlines
Sapporo Taipei Scoot
Seoul Hong Kong Air India
Seoul Hong Kong Ethiopian Airlines
Seoul Hong Kong Thai Airways
Seoul Los Angeles Singapore Airlines
Seoul Taipei Cathay Pacific
Seoul Taipei Scoot
Seoul Taipei Thai Airways
Seoul Tokyo NRT United Airlines
Shanghai Tokyo NRT Delta
Siem Reap Da Nang Silk Air
Singapore Amsterdam Garuda
Singapore Bangkok Cathay Pacific
Singapore Brisbane Emirates
Singapore Colombo Emirates
Singapore Denpasar KLM
Singapore Hong Kong United Airlines
Singapore London LHR Garuda
Singapore Melbourne Emirates
Singapore Surabaya China Airlines
Singapore Sydney British Airways
Singapore Tokyo NRT Delta
Stockholm Moscow DME Singapore Airlines
Stockholm Vienna Ethiopian Airlines
Stockholm Vienna Air Berlin
Surabaya Singapore China Airlines
Sydney Auckland LATAM Airlines (Chile)
Sydney Bangkok Emirates
Sydney Christchurch Emirates
Sydney Norfolk Island Air New Zealand
Sydney Singapore British Airways
Taipei Fukuoka Cathay Pacific
Taipei Nagoya Cathay Pacific
Taipei Osaka Cathay Pacific
Taipei Osaka Philippine Airlines
Taipei Sapporo Scoot
Taipei Seoul Cathay Pacific
Taipei Seoul Scoot
Taipei Seoul Thai Airways
Taipei Tokyo NRT Delta
Taipei Tokyo NRT Cathay Pacific
Taipei Tokyo NRT Scoot
Tobago Antigua British Airways
Tokyo NRT Bangkok Delta
Tokyo NRT Bangkok DMK Scoot
Tokyo NRT Beijing PIA
Tokyo NRT Guam United Airlines
Tokyo NRT Guam Delta
Tokyo NRT Hong Kong Delta
Tokyo NRT Hong Kong Ethiopian Airlines
Tokyo NRT Honolulu China Airlines
Tokyo NRT Honolulu Korean Airlines
Tokyo NRT Koror Delta
Tokyo NRT Los Angeles Malaysia Airlines
Tokyo NRT Los Angeles Singapore Airlines
Tokyo NRT Manila Delta
Tokyo NRT Saipan Delta
Tokyo NRT Shanghai Delta
Tokyo NRT Singapore Delta
Tokyo NRT Taipei Delta
Tokyo NRT Taipei Cathay Pacific
Tokyo NRT Taipei Scoot
Toronto Amsterdam Jet Airways
Turks & Caicos Antigua British Airways
Vancouver New York JFK Cathay Pacific
Vienna Bangkok Eva Airways
Vienna Stockholm Ethiopian Airlines
Vienna Stockholm Air Berlin
Vienna Zurich Korean Airlines
Vienna Barcelona Air China
Washington DC Dakar South African Airways
Washington DC Accra South African Airways
Windhoek Gaborone Ethiopian Airlines
Windhoek Johannesburg British Airways
Yangon Hanoi Emirates



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