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Fly Pointy End - the DIY Business Class specialist


Fly Pointy End is a service designed to help the savvy, frequent flyer. We construct hard-to-find Business Class itineraries for International long haul flyers. 


This personalised service is exclusively for DIY Business (and First!) Class flyers who would rather pay $4000 for a long haul Business fare than $7500. It's not for the person who won't pay $3000 for a Business fare when they can get an Economy ticket for $2000!


These flight options are unlikely to be provided by either traditional travel agents nor by on-line flight search engines. This is because we actually provide itineraries based upon all the commercial flight options available and we build the itinerary sector by sector. 


Some airlines and routings may be unknown to you, and you may need to re-check your bags at your transit airport...........but you will fly Business Class for much, much less.


If you are a International Long Haul road warrior and you'd like to fly flat for less, then this service is for you.

How it Works........

Simply fill out the Itinerary Request and we'll provide you with your best-value Business Class option.


So select your desired Itinerary and we will show you exactly how to book your own fare. Here is the key: You book your own ticket, directly with the the airline(s).


If you feel that these flight options have saved you thousands of dollars then feel free to gift us an amount of your choice as appreciation for the service. There is no obligation to gift, but it would be pretty low not to gift.


In addition, there is a wealth of information on the pages of this website for the DIY traveller to avail themselves.


Fly Pointy End is an attempt to redesign the travel agency model by empowering users to book these long-haul flight directly themselves. 


We are also embracing the payment concept of gifting, rather than the traditional models of airline commissions and kick-backs. So, gift whatever you feel is appropriate.


We are also just sick of paying ridiculous prices for J class airfares!

Fly flat for less
Fly flat for less

Reasons to use flypointyend

Spend Wisely! AUD$7500 from SYD-Europe is not a smart play for the experienced traveller; those fares are meant for the once off holiday market and the business traveller whose company willingly foots the bill. 

Don't waste time sourcing ridiculous high air fares! At flypointyend, we don't have any special fares or magic; but we know how to provide you with Business Class options which you may not know even exist.


There is another path, you just need to  be flexible, realistic and pragmatic. 



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